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Nordkapp rallye 1999


Nordkapp Rallye 1999

86 microcars attended.
Here you can see some german Messerschmitts when they made a stop at the Arctic cirkle.







Some of the cars at the starting point Enontekiö in northern Finland.
Some of us was "cheating" with trailers to Enontekiö, but all microcars drove to Nordkapp. 1.000 km in 4 days.







Almost all remaining cars of the austrian make Felber was there.









The only american car.

But there was no V8 sound from it.
The 1 cylinder engine gave a noice just like a big lawnmover.







The same car seen from the back.

King Midget was the name and the price in 1957 was 995 Dollar.








The car above was lazy, so here is the opposite.
FMR Tg500, or better known as Messerschmitt Tiger









Here is a slow one again, a Vespa Commerciale from 1965









And here is a fast one again. This BMW600 got the highest ticket for speed driving from the norwegian policemen.









One of the younger participants. Joel Johnsson sitting in his homemade pullover on his fathers Messerschmitt.