Our magazine

Our magazine

is named "BUBBLAN" (the bubble) and comes 4 times a year.
It is always 32 pages and it is printed in colour.

Of course all text is in swedish and the contents is what you can expect from a club magazine.

A good magazine seems to be very important to keep all the members that we almost never see at rallies.

If you want to contact the editor Tommy Duvefelt:
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Club History

The swedish club is a marriage of two old clubs; The swedish Messerschmitt-klubben started by Anders Johnsson in 1978 and Mc-bil klubben, started in 1982 by Järker Tenggren and Lars Gustafsson in Trollhättan.

From the beginning we had different magazines, but after some years we printed the magazine four times per year for both clubs, and just some years after that we could not understand the benefit of running two clubs, so since 1988 we are one club under the name Mc-bil klubben (Microcar club)

We have just under 400 members and we have around 500 microcars.

Our club covers all threewheelers licensed as motorcycles and also fourwheelers under 425cc. We also welcome some close relatives like the BMW 600 and also Messerschmitt Tg500 (Tiger) but unfortunately there were only sold two of them in Sweden and they went to the scrapyard already in the 60:s.