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Different ways of transportation of microcars

Drivers and cars has become older today, so most of us don´t drive long distances like before.
Here is some photos of different ways to come to the rallies:


 On top of the old Volvo is a electric Sinclair and om the trailer is a Mochet from 1958






Farmobil with Minicomtesse onboard.









Maybe not to recommend, but even a small trailer can take two microcars






This is better! For daily use this trailer carries plastic tubes, but it is big enough for three Messerschmitts.
And if someone gets surprised to see swedish number plates at somthing looking like the Tiger prototype, I have to tell that it is a replica.






First time the chairman Anders Johnsson visited Störy in Germany was 1979. That time "cheating" with a Bedford van, but in the next summer this 1955 Messerschmitt used its own wheels to the Messerschmitt rallye in England after a detour to Paris.








Looks strange to tow a microcar aftar another small car.
Maybe the reason was to bring more luggage than a Bond Bug can carry?





Modified caravan for carrying an Isetta.









An old chassis from a caravan can be converted to a tralier for two microcars.










Or if you just remove half of the caravan you will have a nice mix